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These are thoughts/reviews I've scribbled down after I read some books, mostly just to remember what I've read and thought about the book.
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Last update: 24th of August 2003

Books for pure entertainment (both fiction/non-fiction)

Lonely Planet unpacked
by Tony Wheeler et al (Sept 2000) travel
The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
by Douglas Adams (Mar 1999) humourous science fiction
Swords for hire
by Will Allen (Jun 2003) humourous fantasy
The Man who turned into Himself
by David Ambrose (Mar 1999) thriller/science fiction
Another Fine Myth
by Robert Asprin (Apr 1999) humourous fantasy
Myth Conceptions
by Robert Asprin (May 1999) humourous fantasy
Myth Directions
by Robert Asprin (Dec 1999) humourous fantasy
Catwoman: Tiger Hunt
by Robert Asprin & Lynn Abbey (Sep 1999) crime
by Matt Beaumont (Dec 2000) humourous new media culture
The Missing Brontë
by Robert Barnard (Mar 1997) fiction
Flying for an Angel
by Harrison T. Beardsley (Dec 2002) crime
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
by John Berendt (Mar 1999) shadowland of fiction/non-fiction
Quentin Tarantino - The man and his movies
by Jami Bernard (Mar 1999) biography
Ronan the Barbarian
by James Bibby (Mar 1999) humourous fantasy
by Marc Blake (Sept 2000) humourous/crime
Aardvark is ready for war
by James Blinn (Mar 2000) war fiction
E=mc2: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation
by David Bodanis (Feb 2003) science
The Blue Afternoon
by William Boyd (Mar 1997) fiction
Damned & Fancy
by John Brosnan (Mar 1999) humourous fantasy
The Nudist on the Late Shift
by Po Brosnan (Apr 2001) cyberculture
Notes from a Small Island
by Bill Bryson (Dec 1999) biography/travel
Notes from a Big Country
by Bill Bryson (Jan 2000) biography/travel

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
by Michael Chabon (Aug 2003) fiction
The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
by John Clute/John Grant (Mar 1999) fantasy reference
The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
by John Clute/Peter Nicholls (Mar 1999) science fiction reference
Life After God
by Douglas Coupland (Mar 1999) fiction
by Douglas Coupland (Mar 1999) fiction/cyberculture
Miss Wyoming
by Douglas Coupland (Apr 2001) fiction
Just For Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary
by Linus Torvalds, David Diamond (Feb 2003) biography
Bachelor Kisses
by Nick Earls (Dec 2002) humourous fiction
Perfect Skin
by Nick Earls (Mar 2003) fiction
Zigzag Street
by Nick Earls (Jul 1999) fiction
Blast from the Past
by Ben Elton (Aug 2003) fiction
by Ben Elton (Sep 1999) humourous crime
Shadow of a Dark Queen
by Raymond E. Feist (Jul 1999) fantasy
From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Habor
by Jerry Della Femina (May 1997) humorous autobiography
The Hippopotamus
by Stephen Fry (Mar 1999) humourous/weird
My Legendary Girlfriend
by Mike Gayle (Jul 1999) humourous romantic fiction
In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner
by Elizabeth George (Jul 2001) crime
The Calcutta Chromosome
by Amitav Ghosh (Apr 1999) fiction/science fiction
by Jon Courtenay Grimwood (Oct 2000) cyberpunk
by Carl Hiaasen (Mar 1999) satire/crime
The talented mr Ripley
by Patricia Highsmith (Feb 1999) crime
Ripley Under Ground
by Patricia Highsmith (Mar 1999) crime
Djinn Rummy
by Tom Holt (Jun 1997) humourous fantasy
Expecting Someone Taller
by Tom Holt (Mar 1997) humourous fantasy
My Hero
by Tom Holt (Apr 1997) humourous fantasy
Who's Afraid of Beowulf?
by Tom Holt (Jan 1997) humourous fantasy
High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (Jan 2003) fiction
How to Be Good by Nick Hornby (Jan 2003) fiction
What I loved
by Siri Hustvedt (Aug 2003) fiction
The Galaxy Game
by Phil Janes (Jun 1997) humourous science fiction
Ralph's Party
by Lisa Jewell (Jul 1999) fiction
Douglas Adam's Starship Titanic
by Terry Jones (Feb 1999) humourous science fiction
The Big Picture
by Douglas Kennedy (Mar 2003) thriller
by Carolyn Kephart (Aug 2002) fantasy
The Gun Seller
by Hugh Laurie (Mar 1999) crime/humourous
Near Neighbours
by Gordon Legge (Aug 1999) short stories/fiction
The New New Thing
by Michael Lewis (Apr 2001) cyberculture
by Simon Lewis (Dec 1999) fiction
The Man on Platform 5
by Robert Llewellyn (Aug 2003) fiction
White City Blue
by Tim Lott (Apr 2001) fiction
Tunnel Vision
by Keith Lowe (Oct 2001) fiction
by Simon Maginn (Mar 1999) horror
The Tao of Bruce Lee
by Davis Miller (Mar 2000) biography/autobiography
Red Dwarf
by Grant Naylor (Mar 1999) humourous science fiction
The Best A Man Can Get
by John O'Farrell (Sept 2002) humourous fiction
Hemingway's Chair
by Michael Palin (Mar 1999) fiction
Reaper Man
by Terry Pratchett (Jan 2001) humourous fantasy
Wyrd Sisters
by Terry Pratchett (Feb 1997) humourous fantasy
The Last Continent
by Terry Pratchett (Aug 1999) humourous fantasy
The Ultimate Rush
by Joe Quirk (Dec 1999) crime
The Dice Man
by Luke Rhinehart (Sept 2000) fiction
The Hotel
by Jeffrey Robinson (Mar 1999) fiction
The Memory of Whiteness
by Kim Stanley Robinson (Jul 1999) science fiction
Runyon from First to Last
by Damon Runyon (Feb 1997) humourous fiction
An Uncertain Currency
by Clyde Lynwood Sawyer Jr. & Frances Witlin (Dec 2000) crime
Barcelona Plates
by Alexei Sayle (Sept 2001) short stories
by Will Self (May 1999) fiction
The Code Book
by Simon Singh (Feb 2003) science
White Teeth
by Zadie Smith (Dec 2002) fiction
Being Alexander
by Nancy Sparling (Aug 2003) fiction
Private Parts
by Howard Stern (Mar 1999) humorous autobiography
Naked Pictures of Famous People
by Jon Stewart (Dec 1999) humourous essays
More Than Human
by Theodore Sturgeon (Mar 1999) fantasy/science fiction
Adrian Mole - the Cappuccino Years
by Sue Townsend (Jan 2000) fiction
by Jack Womack (Aug 1999) science fiction

Books about computing

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C
by Mark Allen Weiss (Mar 1999) Algorithms
Design Patterns : Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
by Gamma et. al. (Mar 1999) Object Oriented / Design Patterns
Unix in a Nutshell
by Daniel Gilly (Mar 1999) Unix / Linux

Svenska böcker (Swedish books, review written in swedish)

Rymdväktaren av Peter Nilson (Apr 1999) science fiction
Livet I London : Om Konsten Att Inte Ha Tråkigt av Per Nordangård (Juli 2002) kåseri
Sagan om Strafoi av Robert Persson (Feb 2002) skönlitteratur