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This collection has grown to a quite large monolith, so I made four pages of it, please note that if you don't find the author in the fantasy-category, check this page or the sf-category.

Last update: 4 January 2005

What is SF/Fantasy?
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SF/Fantasy - writers
Swedish Fandom
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232.8°C A Science Fiction and Fantasy website, articles about sf/fantasy history and biographys
My website devoted to sf/fantasy. Many pages, with lot's of biographys and bibliographys.
Science Fiction and Fantasy World -
Russian Science Fiction & Fantasy
from the webmaster of that website:
Analog Science Fiction & Fact
SFRT on the Web - Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror - Connections to Related Sites
Science Fiction Crowsnest, The SF & Fantasy Search Engine
Science Fiction Weekly
The SF Site: The Best in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Locus: The Newspaper of the Science Fiction Field
The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
dont seem to have been updated since 1997
STEAMPUNK - The New Speculative Fiction Clearing House
SF-Lovers Archive
Ansible Home Page
L. J. Hurst - Writing
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Book Database


Fantasy, History, George MacDonald, William Morris
My pages about fantasy, how it all started, and which authors that has been influent.
Fantasy Buff Home Page
Fantasy Finder
The Recommended Fantasy Author List
Fantasy Reader' s Corner: Dragon, Unicorn, Witch: Mage, Magic Beast: Fairy, Fairies,
The Hall of Worlds
Krondor Fantasy :: Raymond Feist / Robin Hobb / Robert Jordan and other Writers

Fantasy Book Reviews

Toby's Land of Fantasy Book Reviews

Pages in Swedish/ Sidor pÄ svenska

Ante's Fantasy Page

What is SF/Fantasy?

History & Definitions of Science Fiction and Fantasy
A Brief History of Science Fiction & Pulp Magazines
Some Thoughts On Ethics and Science Fiction
Definitions of Science Fiction
Carole Meyers: Science Fiction class
SciFan: Science Fiction Classics
The SF Site: Science Fiction Classics: The Stories that Morphed Into Movies
Science Fiction Gallery - Science Fiction in Literature
Science Fiction News of the Week
not updated since 1997

Collections of links

British Fantasy Linklist
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SF Authors
I moved all links about specific SF authors to this page. Here you find loads of links & info for all the big (and small) SF authors
Fantasy Authors
I moved all links regarding fantasy authors to this page, here you find fellows like Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, Tolkien etc
Humourous SF/Fantasy
I moved all links regarding humourous SF/Fantasy authors to this page, Terry Pratchett, James Bibby, Tom Holt, Robert Rankin etc you will find there
Authors Archive - SFBookcase Archive
Science Fiction Resource Guide: Authors A-B
Yahoo! Arts > Humanities > Literature > Authors > Science Fiction and Fantasy


The Outer Rim Magazine
Dark Planet Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Webzine
Planet Magazine
ConNotations Online!
John Labovitz's e-zine-list
Short-short Stories by Bruce Holland Rogers

In Swedish

Minotauren - Introduktion

SF/Fantasy - writers

Quantum Muse - science fiction, fantasy and alternative stories and artwork.
SFWA Index
The Market List: A Resource for Writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
Stephan Siebold -- Literaturagent für Phantastik

Swedish Fandom

Sverifandom on the web
SF-fandom i Norden: Diverse

Bookstores - Great Britain - Deutschland - USA
Science Fiction & Fantasy from Baen Books - Home Page | WELCOME


Science fiction / fantasy books at (UK)

Encyclopaedia of Fantasy
Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia
An Encylopedia of Fantasy

Science fiction / fantasy books at (USA)

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
Science Fiction

Science Fiction / Fantasy Bücher bei (Deutschland)

Science Fiction. Die illustrierte Enzyklopedie

Unsorted - Ein Machwerk von Gomeck und Shark
Groz and Choccy's Library
CyberSpace Spinner: Welcome!
Introduction to JohnK's Science Fiction & Fantasy Pages
infinity plus (SF&Fantasy archive)
Elfwood science fiction and fantasy art & fiction
Science Fiction Timeline Site . . .
John Clute
1997 Fantasy Encyclopedia Updates
1993 SF Encyclopedia Updates
Great Science-Fiction & Fantasy Works Front Page Inventions from Science Fiction Books and Movies

In Swedish - unsorted

science fiction and fantasy till salu
Lucy in the Sky
En fansite om Xena
Science fiction-tidskrifter i Sverige
LedZ Homepage-Fantasy
Alltid Attack Förlag


Aleph Bokförlag
Svenskt skräck- och fantasybokförlag