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  • Links - my bookmarks
    A huge collection with links to much resources about SF/Fantasy-literature.

  • SF Site, american website with interviews, reviews and links
    Very useful.

  • The Linköping SF&F Archive, mostly reviews and information about authors

  • Yahoo SF/fantasy links at the famous webdirectory

  • Locus, the sf/fantasy magazine

  • Science Fiction Museum

  • SFF Net where you can discuss literature

  • Ansible, fanzine about english sf/fantasy.

  • SFX, the sf/fantasy magazine

  • The Sci Fi channel
  • 232.8°C - Science fiction and fantasy history
    Welcome to my site about Science fiction & fantasy, called 232.8°C.

    Humourous Fantasy/SF, is nowhere near complete, although I have put information about different authors in the genre. No flames about why I haven't included author X (such as Douglas Adams, Thorne Smith and others); the pages aren't completed yet.

    History of Science Fiction is a brief history of how sf started, which magazines there were, influent authors and different themes, etc.

    History of Fantasy is about how this branch of literature has evolved, and which authors that have been important.

    Fantasy 60s-90s is about authors that have influenced fantasy since the 1960s and forward, these include Tolkien, Lewis, Donaldson, Eddings, Goodkind and many more.

    The Memory of Whiteness, a review of Kim Stanley Robinsons' novel.
    Reviews of other sf/fantasy novels can be found here.

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