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    Robert Asprin

    Robert (Lynn) Asprin (1946-), american, living in New Orleans. His first novel was published in the end of the 70s; "The Cold Cash War" (1977).
    Large corporations patience with the public authorities comes to an end, and they creates armys of their own. When the authorities tries to destroy this rather odd rebellion, the "official" army is inferior the corporations armys.
    Asprin received inspiration to this story from the time when Asprin worked at Xerox Corporation and often was annoyed by public authorities bureaucracy and inefficiency.
    In the next sf-novel, "The Bug Wars" (1980), the military plays a central role as well. In this novel one will follow the war between reptiles and insects from the eyes of the reptiles. A rather original way to tell a story, although it didn't work that good.
    Robert Asprin is mostly known for his novels that takes place in the world of fantasy. The Myth-series is a humourous series in which the reader will follow a rather odd and crazy duo consisting of a demon named Aahz and an magicians apprentice named Skeeve.
    The humour is slapstick, and is partly similar to the writings of L. Sprague de Camp, although Asprin says that his major source of inspiration was the "Road to"-movies from the 40s with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.
    The series starts with "Another Fine Myth", in which each chapter starts with a quotation, for example:

    "One of the joys of travel is visiting new towns and meeting new people"
    - G. Khan

    Skeeve is an magicians apprentice, but when his master gets killed, he finds himself alone in the world with Aahz; a demon the magician created as a practical joke to scare Skeeve.
    Together they sets out into the world for revenge and will get into all sorts of weird adventures.
    Asprin is also known for the antholgies about "Thieves World", a world where many different authors let's their stories take place. The world was created by Robert Asprin and his wife Lynn Abbey (Marilyn Lorraine Abbey, 1948- ) whom also writes tales of fantasy.

    - Robert Asprin, a bibliography

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