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  • Robert Asprin - the Myth-series

    Robert Asprin, a bibliography

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    "The Cold Cash War" (1977)
    This book at (Europe)
    His first novel.
    "The Bug Wars" (1979)
    This book at (Europe)
    "Tambu" (1979)

    The Myth-series
    "Another Fine Myth" (1978)
    This book at (Europe)
    This book at (USA)
    I've written a review of the book, you find it here.

    "Myth Conceptions" (1980)
    This book at (Europe)
    This book at (USA)
    I've written a review of the book, you find it here.

    "Myth Directions" (1982)
    This book at (Europe)
    This book at (USA)
    Synopsis: When a girl (lushly curved, with a mane of light green hair) requests a favour, a chap would have to possess a heart of stone (or a testosterone deficiency) to refuse. Skeeve, Possiltum's magician, is a chap all right and heads off with Tanda to steal The Trophy on which she has set her heart.
    I've written a review of the book, you find it here.

    The first three Myth-novels were assembled in:
    "The Myth-ing Omnibus" (1992)
    This book at (Europe)

    "Hit or Myth" (1983)
    This book at (Europe)
    Synopsis: Skeeve, the Court Magician to Possiltum is ordered to impersonate King Roderick for a day. One of his duties is to marry Roderick's fiance, Queen Hemlock, who possesses the sort of face and figure that features in the "before" bit in adverts. Her habits, too, fall into the category of homicidal.

    "Myth-ing Persons" (1984)
    This book at (Europe)
    This book at (USA)
    Synopsis: Well, it's a man's life, or a dragon's, running around the dimensions, solving problems, creating new ones and generally being a right magical nuisance! Skeeve, sometimes Court Magician to Possiltum, is definitely numero uno when it comes to foul-ups - but this time even he has excelled himself.

    "Little Myth Marker" (1985)
    This book at (USA)
    Synopsis: More Myth-adventures in a bestselling series from the creator/editor of the popular Thieves' World books. Asprin's tales of incompetent magicians, bumbling wizards and benevolent demons are consistent top sellers. In this newest fantasy, high stakes dragon poker winner Skeeve is left with an IOU in the form of a pint-sized female child.

    The Myth-novels number 4-6 were assembled in:
    "The Second Myth-ing Omnibus" (1992)
    This book at (Europe)

    "M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link " (1986)
    This book at (Europe)
    This book at (USA)
    Synopsis: Skeeve's come a long way--from lowly magician's apprentice to President of M.Y.T.H. Inc. But it's business (and trouble) as usual. Now he's in charge of a myth-chievous gang that includes a pet dragon and an artistic vampire! One of the most profitable fantasy series published. Advertising in Locus.

    "Myth-nomers and Im-pervections " (1987)
    This book at (USA)
    Synopsis: How could a thick-headed demon be so thin-skinned? But Ahaz, Skeeve's friend and mentor, has taken exception to something his partner has said and walked out. Now Skeeve must apologize for this thoughtless behavior and convince his scaly cohort to rejoin the firm--and finds himself trapped in the most demonic dimension of them all!

    "M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action" (1990)
    This book at (Europe)
    This book at (USA)

    "Sweet Myth-tery of Life" (1994)
    This book at (Europe)
    Synopsis: When the queen makes him an offer he cannot refuse, master magician Skeeve must use his powers to devise an escape before wedding bells start to chime.

    "Something M.Y.T.H. Inc." (19??)

    "Myth-Ion Improbable" (2001)
    This book at (Europe)
    An insertion between books three and four.

    Graphical, with the artist Phil Foglio:
    "Myth Adventures One" (1985)
    "Myth Adventure Two" (1986)
    These graphical adventures were based on the first Myth-novel.

    "Phule's Company" (1990)
    "Phule's Paradise" (1992)
    "Phules Company 3" (19??)
    This book at (Europe)
    " Phule and His Money " (1999)
    written with Peter J. Heck
    This book at (Europe)
    This book at (USA)
    Synopsis: Captain Willard Phule and his crack team of casino security agents are sent to an underdeveloped planet to help them make a success of a new scheme to transform the world into an intergalactic amusement park.

    "Phule Me Twice" (2000)
    written with Peter J. Heck
    This book at (Europe)

    Written together with George Takei:
    "Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe" (1979)

    Written together with Lynn Abbey:
    "Catwoman" (1992)

    Thieves World, shared world edited by Robert Asprin
    "Thieves World" (1979)
    "Tales of the Vulgar Unicorn" (1980)
    "Shadows of Sanctuary" (1981)

    The first three Thieves World-novels were assembled in: "Sanctuary" (1982)

    "Storm Season" (1982)

    Thieves World, edited by Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey
    "The Face of Chaos" (1983)
    "Wings of Omen" (1984)

    "Storm Season", "The Face of Chaos" and "Wings of Omen" were assembled in: "Cross-Currents" (1985)

    "The Dead of Winter" (1985)
    "Soul of the City" (1986)
    "Blood Ties" (1986)

    These three were assembled in: "The Shattered Sphere" (1986)

    "Aftermath" (1987)
    "Uneasy Alliances" (1988)
    "Stealer's Sky" (1989)

    The last three were assembled in: "The Price of Victory" (1990)

    Graphical novels, Thieves World, with material from the novels, by artist Tim Sale:
    "Thieves' World Graphics #1" (1985)
    "Thieves' World Graphics #2" (1986)
    "Thieves' World Graphics #3" (1986)
    "Thieves' World Graphics #4" (1987)
    "Thieves' World Graphics #5" (1987)
    "Thieves' World Graphics #6" (1988)

    Elfquest, edited by Richard Pini, Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey
    "The Blood of Ten Chiefs" (1986)
    "Wolfsong" (1988)

    Time Scout, written with Linda Evans:
    "Time Scout" (1995)
    This book at (Europe)
    Synopsis: Pursuing a less dangerous career as a hotelier at Time Terminal 86, former time scout Kenneth "Kit" Carson finds his peace disrupted when a redhead travels through an illicit time gate that threatens to abandon her in time.

    "Time Scout II: Wager's of Sin" (1996)
    This book at (Europe)
    Synopsis: When a disaster nearly destroys the universe, survivors from the planet Earth carefully rebuild their changed world, which has become susceptible to shifting time lines and challenges the wits of mischievous Skeeter Jackson.

    - James Bibby
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