These pages about different languages / apis / best practices were mostly jotted down quckily and rarely corrected afterwards.
The languages / apis / best practices may have changed over time (e.g. the facebook api being a prime example), so what was documented as a good way to do something at the time might be outdated when you read it (some pages here are over 15 years old).
Just as a reminder.

Resources about Perl

Perl related links

For information about CGI in Perl, see also the huge page with information and links about WWW-relaterad topics


Directory of _pub_lang_perl_CPAN_modules_by-module
  CPAN, the place to get all the modules from (this is a mirrorsite)
Larry Wall's Perl Page
Seven Useful Uses of Local
The Perl Language Home Page

Tutorials - Manuals - FAQs

A Beginner's Guide to Perl
Perl FAQ Index
Perl Manual (Texinfo version) - DBM Functions
Perl Recipes
Perl Tips
perlfaq - frequently asked questions about Perl ($Date_ 1997_03_11 04_12_30 $)
perlfaq - frequently asked questions about Perl ($Date_ 1997_03_17 22_17_56 $)

Swedish Pages _ Svenska sidor


Perl Recommended Books

Effective Perl Programming_ Writing Better Programs With Perl
  Considered to be a good book, everyone I've seen commented on this book has loved it.
Learning Perl (2nd Edition)
  Classic book in Perl.
Perl Cookbook
  A must have, great book! Published August 1998.
Programming Perl (2nd Edition)
  Classic book in Perl.

Other Books about Perl

Advanced Perl Programming (Nutshell Handbook)
Cgi Programming in C & Perl
Developing Cgi Applications With Perl
Discover Perl 5 (Discover (Idg Books Worldwide, Inc.).)
Mastering Regular Expressions _ Powerful Techniques for Perl and Other Tools (Nutshell Handbook)
Perl 5 Complete (McGraw-Hill Complete Series)
Perl 5 How-To _ The Definitive Perl 5 Problem-Solver
Perl 5 Interactive Course _ Certified Edition
Perl 5 Pocket Reference
Perl 5 by Example
Perl 5 for Dummies (For Dummies)
Perl Annotated Archives
Perl Developer's Toolkit With CDROM
Perl Modules
Perl Resource Kit _ Unix Edition
Perl and Cgi Programming Starter Kit
Perl and Cgi for the World Wide Web _ Visual Quickstart Guide (Visual Quickstart Guide Series)
Perl by Example
Perl for Dummies
Perl from the Ground Up
Perl_ The Programmer's Companion
Perl_Tk Pocket Reference
The Cgi_Perl Cookbook
The Perl Programmer's Reference _ Windows 95_Nt, MacIntosh, Os_2 & Unix

Other Platforms (W95, Mac etc)

Cross-Platform Perl
Learning Perl on Win32 Systems
MacPerl _ Power and Ease
Perl Resource Kit Win32 Edition


Net__FTP - FTP Client class


Kevin's Perl Scripts


PAR Homepage HomePage

XML & Perl

Encodings in XML__Parser
Perl & XML
Perl XML FAQ 1.1
Problem with XML__Parser and special caracters
XML.com - Encodings in XML__Parser_ Examples
XML.com - Processing XML with Perl
XML.com - Using The Perl XML__Parser Module

WWW related

Cheap HTML parser in perl
Examples from How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site
WebTechniques.com FileLocking
libwww-perl Mailing List Archive for 1996 (second half)_ Re_ Parsing comments - CSS1 stylesheets
libwww-perl_ HTTP POST
lwpcook - libwww-perl cookbook

CGI in Perl

ARgument till Perl CGI- exempel
CGI.pm - a Perl5 CGI Library


ActiveWare - Perl for Win32
CptS 283_ Dates and Times in Perl
Deja.com_ Re_ Perl script to syncronize dirs with ftp
Neat shell commands
Perl Class_ Week 7
Perl Data Structures Cookbook
Perl Manual - Packages
Perl Recipes
Perl Sockets on SysVr4
camel code
parse_dir - parse directory listing
perl - Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl basics
sync with ftp and perl

Swedish pages


Perl - old links




The Common Gateway Interface
Where can I learn about CGI or Web programming in Perl?
The Idiot's Guide to Solving Perl CGI Problems
The CGI Resource Index
Examples from How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site
The cgi-lib.pl Home Page
CGI.pm - a Perl5 CGI Library

Lotus Notes

Lotus Development Corporation
Lotus Notes tutorial

More programming related pages

Workflow: Release process
Workflow: Bug tracking
Teambox (Redbooth) - Mantis connector
Design Patterns
Git & Github
Go / Golang
CVS backup script
Distribution process
Installation script
Java Server Faces
Perl tips
Perl links
Python / py2app
Shell scripts
Facebook / Opengraph
PHP developer notes
Redbooth API through php
Website optimization
jqTableKit demo
Javascript / html / css links