Software engineer

Freelancer / contractor

I am a polyglot software engineer, lately I've been doing mainly Golang and Python (still do php/javascript when needed). Further in the past I've done Java, Perl, C++ and other stuff.

I've an interest in machine learning; recent projects I've developed are the people classification filter and the visual search at Pond5.

At the moment I am working remotely for the New York City based Pond5, where I was the first engineer hired back in 2012.

I have had some projects of my own over the years, for example golangprojects (golang jobs website) and gphangouts that got featured on Techcrunch, Mashable and numerous websites/magazines. (The latter I've abandoned and do not actively maintain).

I have a Master of Science in Computing Science, and I am a member of Mensa

I'm looking for a backend role, ideally a small interesting start-up where I can work remotely.
Ability to get things done, innovative, being product focused.

You can find me on Linkedin, Twitter, Github (and Google+, which I never use).

If you need to contact me, use this form and I will get back to you by email.