These pages about different languages / apis / best practices were mostly jotted down quckily and rarely corrected afterwards.
The languages / apis / best practices may have changed over time (e.g. the facebook api being a prime example), so what was documented as a good way to do something at the time might be outdated when you read it (some pages here are over 15 years old).
Just as a reminder.

Using Git together with Github, tips and tricks

Developer notes I made about Git and Github as a version control system

I made some notes about cvs if you are still stuck with that.

Useful links

Multiple SSH Keys settings for different github account

Creating a branch in Git

git checkout -b [branchname]

Fetch latest code from Github repository

git pull origin master

Add a file to Git

git add [filename]
git commit -m "added file" [filename]

Compare changes between branches in Github

Just add compare after the repo name, e.g.
To compare master with a branch:

Push changes back to Github

git push origin [branchname]

Adding a forgotten file to Git

git commit -m 'initial commit'
git add forgotten_file
git commit --amend

Handling conflicts within Git

When committing/merging, an automatic merge might fail.
Read how to solve conflicts here: resolving a merge

Full history of a file in Git (after it has been moved)

To see the history of a file (i.e. the history previous to the move),
you need to add --follow to the log command, e.g. to see full history for github.php
git log --follow web/github.php


Just as in CVS, you can create a file where files that shall be ignored can be listed.
The file shall be called .gitignore and added to the repository, the content are just filenames, one on each line.
$ # Shows branches that are all merged in to your current branch
$ git branch --merged

$ # Shows branches that are not merged in to your current branch
$ git branch --no-merged

$ git tag to-be-tested
$ git tag -a v1.1.0 # Prompts for a tag message

$ git log -p
$ git log --stat

Show commits between two tags
git log --pretty=oneline tagA..tagB

Get a list of changes by user (x09 == tab in hex)
git log --pretty=format:"%cn%x09%s" tagA..tagB | grep -v "Merge remote"|grep -v "Merge branch"|sort -u
John Doe    corrected bug with downloads
John Doe    fixed indentation
John Doe    added documentation
John Doe    corrected bug with uploads

Only see the files modified in any way
git log --name-only --pretty=format:"" tagA..tagB| egrep -v "^[[:space:]]*$" | sort -u

When getting this below, even though not having any conflicts etc
fatal: You have not concluded your merge (MERGE_HEAD exists).
Please, commit your changes before you can merge.

this seems to do the trick
git reset --merge

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