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Book reviews from July 1999

The Memory of Whiteness by Kim Stanley Robinson
science fiction
Review scribbled down in July 1999

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Shadow of a Dark Queen by Raymond E. Feist
Review scribbled down in July 1999

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My Legendary Girlfriend by Mike Gayle
romantic fiction
Review scribbled down on the 23rd of July 1999

Rating: 10 out of 10, the best book I've read so far this summer.

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This book at My Legendary Girlfriend (Europe)

My Legendary Girlfriend - cover "A hilarious novel for anyone who has ever dumped, been dumped or lived in a dump", it said on the cover.
A book for me I thought and read it.

Will moved to London five days ago and have just finished his first week as an English teacher tutoring fourteen year olds.
So far he has hated every minute of it. Approaching his twentysixth birthday, at the same time the three-year anniversary of him being dumped by his girlfriend, life isn't exactly a shiny happy place to be. However, during the following weekend just about everything that couldn't get worse will get worse and the things that was bound to go a certain way will end up going in a completly unpredictable direction.
This book is full of right-on-the-spot observations and will have you laugh out loud.
I can truly recommend this book, buy it and and follow the events around Will, the hopeless romantic who struggles to find true love as seen in the movies. I couldn't put the book away and regretably finished it in one day, now I feel sorry that the book is over, I loved it!

About Mike Gayle:

Mike GayleMike Gayle is an English freelance journalist that used to be an Agony Uncle. He has contributed to several magazines, for example FHM, Sunday Times Style, Just Seventeen and Bliss. This is is his first novel.

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