Review of Terry Pratchett Reaper Man

Book review - January 2001

Reaper Man

humourous fantasy
Corgi, published
ISBN: 0552134643
287 pages
Review written on the 27th of January 2001
I rate this book 9/10: **********
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Terry Pratchett - Reaper Man

The 10th Discworld-novel. Not bad at all, the discworld-book I read before was The Last Continent which I was a bit disappointed by. This one is pure fun though. Its the second novel about DEATH I think (published 1991). DEATH gets a message that not even he is immortal, and also he has got a timeglass with the everpouring sand. Well, what else to do than to start living the life? DEATH saddles Blinky and aims out to see the world.
Meanwhile, in another place of the Discworld, there is sadness. Or rather, one would guess it would be sadness since Windle Poons is about to die. He is one of the wizards, and hence he knows when its time to say farewell, or rather what to do just before its time: have a big party. The problem is just that when DEATH is suppose to enter the scene...he sort of doesn't. And suddenly Windle realizes that he died and is now a zombie with no idea where to go or what to do...and people have a tendency to have something against zombies walking around trying to live their life (death?) as normal as they can.
Meanwhile, in a totally different side of the city Ankh-Morpork small peculiar little globes start to appear....and they become more and more...
So, all this little things might...or might connected.....and what about the wannabe vampires? Or the wolfman? Or the doglike girl? It all start piling up; weird things is really taking place.
I like this one really much, makes you laugh out loud on the bus or underground, exactly what you want to do by a novel by Mr. Pratchett! Recommended!

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