Review of The Best a Man Can Get by John O'Farrell

Book Reviews - September 2002

The Best a Man Can Get

humourous fiction
Black Swan, published
ISBN: 0552998443
304 pages
Review written on the 8th of September 2002
I rate this book 8/10: **********
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John O'Farrell - The Best a Man Can Get

Michael Adams lives a double life. He shares a flat with three other guys, all of them quite ambitious, as long as the tasks at hand are about hanging around playing computer games or just watching telly.
Michael is a musician that creates jingles for ads and has got his studio in this flat, so officially, Michael only stays there when he needs to work. But in practice he stays there pretty much all week, doing nothing useful and working very little. The reason for all this is quite simple: his family. You see, in the north of London in Kentish Town, he has got a wife. A wonderful wife. And two kids. Wonderful children. It is just that sometimes it is a bit too much, Michael is not really feeling ready for all this family life, and that is why he has created his little hiding place in the south of London where he officially works.
This story is really funny, it is a joy to read and in the first part of the book you will laugh out loud at every single page of it. Michaels life is full of situations that just get more and more complicated no matter how much he struggles to get on top of them. His double life is working quite well, but suddenly his wife gets pregnant again, and things starting to take another turn.
This is the debut novel of John O'Farrell, who writes columns for The Independent. I have not read anything else by John O'Farrell, but I will surely pick up some other books by him the next time I buy books, this one was simply hilarious!

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