Review of reMix by Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Book review from October 2000


Pocket Books, published
ISBN: 0-671-02222-9
360 pages
Review written on the 28th of October 2000
I rate this book 6/10: **********
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Jon Courtenay Grimwood - reMix

"william gibson meets quentin tarantino" the cover stated
...and that is quite true. A bit violent, much more cyberpunk and an interesting story. I started reading it in March and ended it in September, it sort of just got put on hold in the middle of it. It's interesting but didn't really make me spend more time reading it than what I could do in the underground on my way to work so I kept on losing track in what was happening, which always is a bit annoying.
A sort-of posh upper-class girl by the name of LizAlec Fabio gets kidnapped on her way to school, and her mother has to find someone that can get her back. Who is more suitable than Fixx Valmont, former superstar-DJ and nowadays drug-addicted cyborg serving time for a bunch of questionable things. It does'nt really help the situation that LizAlec and Fixx used to have a thing together. Meanwhile Fixx tries to track down LizAlec the huge and mysterious Arc is turning around its axle in space. This huge religious spacestation is the creation of Brother Michael and Sister Aaron, who wish to create a new world by collecting pure and non-cloned species of animals from the earth.
This book is suitable for fans of Matrix, Neuromancer and cyberpunk in general.

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