Housesitting resources

These are the websites I have found so far, they are not listed in any particular order, and I have not tried any of them.

Housesitters all over the world
Charges for home owners: 19 GBP / month
Charges for housesitter: 29 GBP / three months
(longer subscription is of course cheaper)
Most popular countries at this website: UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand

free for homeowners
$20 for housesitters

Luxury House Sitting
Homeowners: free
$10 / year for housesitters
they have some kind of ranking system for housesitters according to the website. Not possible to see any ads without signing up first.
Seems free for home owners
For house sitters: Can sign up for limited edition for free; meaning you can recieve messages etc, but cannot reply. Cost $50 / year.
free for home owners
"A small fee applies for destinations of UK, Europe, USA, Canada or Australia (One fee covers all areas for up to 12 months - anywhere else is FREE)" Cost: AU $50- US $40- GB £20- Euro €30- Can$50 / for 12 months

Caretaker Gazette
Seems to cost $30 / year, regardless if home owner or house sitter

Housesitting in United Kingdom

House Sitters UK
Homeowners: free
House Sitters: £15 for 12 months

Mindahome UK
Homeowners: free
Housesitters: £15 / year, at the moment they have a special limited free promotion going on though

Normal ad site with section for petsitters / dogwalkers

UK and Australian housesitters

HouseSit Match
For home owners: free
For housesitters: £35 / year
They have different kind of subscriptions though, some cost money for home owners as well.

Property guardians

Newbould Guardians
Ad hoc vacant property solutions

Articles and resources about housesitters

Guardian article: Find a housesitter – for free
Bbc: The rise of the extreme house-sitter
some housesitting tips
How to become a house sitter
Wanderlust House Sitting Guide