Living and working in Germany, info for expats

Information related to living and working in Germany

Random notes about living in Germany for expats

Finding other people in the same situation.

  • Find out if your country has got a church, e.g. swedish church, finnish church or something similar, that is usually a very good place to get information about any question you might have.
  • English/Irish pubs. :) A very good place (like always) to find english speaking people.
  • there exist a forum on the internet called "Toytown Germany" where you can find expats in Geramny.
  • #saksa - irc channel for german/finnish people

Pension / Retirement

I think the rules for the state pension is that you need to have paid into it for 5 years to be able to get anything. Info and contact them at

Bank account

Most charge for a bank account, without you getting anything for it, which is indeed just stupid.
Postbank, Sparda and Commerzbank offers bank accounts for free.
Those that are free usually have the condition attached that your paycheck shall go into it, check the small print.