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Odds and Gods by

Book Cover - Tom Holt: Odds and Gods

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Cover by
Steve Lee

Book Cover - Tom Holt: Odds and Gods

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Cover by
Steve Lee, the backside

Book Cover - Tom Holt: Odds and Gods

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Normal paper editions
Amazon UK (Paperback) Odds and Gods
Amazon USA (Paperback) Odds and Gods
Amazon Canada (Paperback) Odds and Gods
Amazon Deutschland (Paperback) Odds and Gods
Kindle (eBook) editions
Amazon UK (Kindle edition) Odds and Gods
Amazon USA (Kindle edition) Odds and Gods
Amazon Canada (Kindle edition) Odds and Gods
Amazon Deutschland (Kindle edition) Odds and Gods

See below for information about the German translation
Category: humourous fantasy fiction
First published: 19 Jan 1995
Publisher: Orbit, published
ISBN: 1857232666, Hardcover, 282 pages
Size: 21.6 x 13.8 x 3.2 cm
Publisher: Orbit, published 10 Aug 1995
ISBN: 1857232992, Paperback, 282 pages
Size: 17.2 x 10.8 x 1.8 cm
Publisher: HarperCollins, published 21 Aug 1995
ISBN: 0001048899, Abridged Audiobook
Publisher: Hachette Digital, published 5 Nov 2009
ISBN: B002TXZROK, Kindle edition

This novel is included in the omnibus Divine Comedies: Omnibus 3.

"Odds and Gods - a simply divine comedy"

Book synopsis (The back of the book says)

It's a god's life... ...at the Sunnyvoyde Residential Home for retired deities. Everlasting life can be a real drag when all you've got to look forward to is cauliflower cheese on Wednesdays.

For a start, there's a major techincal problem with the thousand-year-old traction engine which has been lovingly restored by those almighty duffers Thor, Odin and Frey...
the damn thing actually goes.

And then there's Osiris, pushed one tapioca too far by a power-crazy godson with friends in very smelly places, and forced to set out on a quest which will test his wheelchair to the very limits.

Only one thing might save the world from an eternity of chaos ... dentures. It's true.

Honest to god.

The audio cassette version was read by Simon Callow.

Other people's reviews of this book

Charles review from 2005

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What critics have said

`Above all, it's funny'

Quotes from Odds and Gods

Thank you for calling Kurt Lindqvist Associates. There's no-one in right now to take your call, but if you leave your name, your number and details of the supernatural entity you want killed after the tone, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Bleep.
 'Don't be so feeble,' Odin replied.
 'It's not something you forget; it's like riding a bicycle.'
 'Sure,' Frey muttered.
 'You wobble about for a while and then you hit the ground.'
For his part Odin knew for a certainty that he was an excellent map reader, but the landscapes mucked him about by moving around when he wasn't looking.
 Other things that mucked Odin around included doors, piles of cans in supermarkets and all known electrical appliances.
'It's gone wrong.' Professor George Eisenkopf, resident nuclear genius at the University of Chicopee Falls, Iowa, and the State Department's leading authority on civilian atomic power, scratched his nose with the plastic coffee-stirrer he'd been given on the plane.
 'It isn't working properly,' he added, in case there were any laymen present.

In German

This novel has been translated into German and is called:

"Auch Götter sind nur Menschen"

Amazon Deutschland (Paperback) Auch Götter sind nur Menschen
ISBN: 3453119355
382 pages, Size: 18 x 11,6 x 3 cm

See translated books for other novels translated into German

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Quote from Flying Dutch

`Quiet!' A man who has just spent five minutes talking into a British Telecom payphone is not afraid to raise his voice.
(Tom Holt, "Flying Dutch")
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