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Book Cover of Here Comes the Sun

Quote from Here Comes the Sun

The girl curtseyed again and danced off down the hill, leaving Bjorn alone at last with the trees, the birds, the squirrels and his ingrowing toenail. For a while he stood and looked aimlessy about him, until his eye lit on one tree that he recognized. It was a tall, ancient oak and he remembered it well; he had climbed it as a boy, and his grandfather had often lifted him up into its branches, pointing out to him all the marvellous things he could see. How wonderful it is, his grandfather used to say, to sit in a high tree and look out over all kingdoms of the world, as if one were God's own eyes!
  Bjorn braced his feet, grinned, and set about cutting it down.
(Tom Holt, "Here Comes the Sun")
You can read more about and order this book online from Amazon: UK - USA - Canada - Deutschland

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