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Faust Among Equals by

Book Cover - Tom Holt: Faust Among Equals

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Cover by
Steve Lee

Book Cover - Tom Holt: Faust Among Equals

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Amazon UK (Paperback) Faust Among Equals
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Kindle (eBook) editions
Amazon UK (Kindle edition) Faust Among Equals
Amazon USA (Kindle edition) Faust Among Equals
Amazon Canada (Kindle edition) Faust Among Equals
Amazon Deutschland (Kindle edition) Faust Among Equals
Category: humourous fantasy fiction
Publisher: Orbit, published
ISBN: 1857232658, Paperback, 304 pages
Size: 17.4 x 11 x 2.4 cm
Publisher: Hachette Digital, published 1 Oct 2009
ISBN: B003151JRE, Kindle edition, 304 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins, published
ISBN: 0001048902, Abridged Audio Cassette
Publisher: Orbit, published 19 May 1994
ISBN: 185723197X, Hardcover, 292 pages
Size: 21 x 14.2 x 2.8 cm

This novel is included in the omnibus Dead funny: Omnibus 1.

"Faust Among Equals - Well I'll Be Damned!"

Book synopsis (The back of the book says)

The managment buy-out of Hell, wasn't going quite as well as planned. For a start, there had been that hasty business with the perjurors, and then came the news that the Most Wanted Man in History had escaped, and all just as the plans for the new theme park, Eurobosch, were under way.

But Kurt 'Mad Dog' Lundqvist, the foremost bounty hunter of all time, is on the case, and he can usually be relied upon to get his man - even when that man is Lucky George Faustus...

Exuberant, Hell-raising comedy from Tom Holt at his inventive best.

The audio cassette version was read by Simon Callow.

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What critics have said

`If you havn't read any Tom Holt, go out and buy one now'

Quotes from Faust Among Equals

"It's not just the hours. It's the hours and hours and hours that get to me."

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Book Cover of Here Comes the Sun

Quote from Here Comes the Sun

The girl curtseyed again and danced off down the hill, leaving Bjorn alone at last with the trees, the birds, the squirrels and his ingrowing toenail. For a while he stood and looked aimlessy about him, until his eye lit on one tree that he recognized. It was a tall, ancient oak and he remembered it well; he had climbed it as a boy, and his grandfather had often lifted him up into its branches, pointing out to him all the marvellous things he could see. How wonderful it is, his grandfather used to say, to sit in a high tree and look out over all kingdoms of the world, as if one were God's own eyes!
  Bjorn braced his feet, grinned, and set about cutting it down.
(Tom Holt, "Here Comes the Sun")
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