These pages about different languages / apis / best practices were mostly jotted down quckily and rarely corrected afterwards.
The languages / apis / best practices may have changed over time (e.g. the facebook api being a prime example), so what was documented as a good way to do something at the time might be outdated when you read it (some pages here are over 15 years old).
Just as a reminder.

HP Bluestone Total-e-Server

developer notes

How to Get started
Visual XML
HTTP Listener in ULF
FTP Listener in ULF

How to get started

Install Total-e-Server.
Install Maintainance Pack 5. NOTE: The Mp5 fix the problems with GreetingDemo and JSP-EJB Loan Calculator in the TrailMap. However, Mp5 caused other problems on my computer....i would recommend trying out the software without Mp5 to get a feeling for how the software is built up, and then install mp5.
Walk through the TrailMap to get a feeling for what Total-e-Server is.
Read the documentation, do the different examples they have got.
Start creating applications with Visual-XML, thats a way to connect XML-documents to the database and back. Modify the ULF so you can connect to the service in different way.

Visual XML

A good place to get info about visual XML is to search in the documentation for "Bluestone Visual XML Simple Tutorial". Walking through there you will create some basic applications.
Visual XML is having some annoying habits:
  • Once you processed "Publish XML from Database", you can not edit the project you created.
  • Once you processed "Process XML Wizard", you CAN load the project file again afterwards, BUT you can not edit the methods.
So, if you create a project and you realized "oh, blamey, the default value should really be 1 instead of 2", you cant simply load the project and change the 1 to a 2, instead you have to redo the whole procedure.
Before you run away and start fooling around with Visual XML and re-doing the projects loads of times because of small changes, there is one solution: Load the projectfile into a text-editor.
The projectfiles are located in v-xml/Workspaces/Generated/<ProjName>/<ProjName>.pjx

XSL with Visual XML

If your .xsl file is not applied to your output when you are running the applications you created in Vxml on the UBS, make sure that you have added "file_path" in your c:\TeS\config\apserver.txt.
"file_path" should point to the directory where you have jsp-files, html-files and xsl-files, for example:

Problems with choosing Data Source in Data Publish Wizard (Visual XML)

If you can't open the examples that comes with bluestone, because the publishing wizard cant connect to the database, try this (probably depends on which version you have of MS Access):
  • Open the .mdb files in MS Access, it will ask if it should convert the file, click yes.
  • Then save the file with another name.
  • Close down Visual XML and MS Access.
  • rename the new file to the name the old file have (you have to rename the old file to something else first)
  • Then go to Control Panel and choose the ODBC thing, choose the "System-DNS" tab and mark the source you are interested in. Choose properties for that source and choose the correct .mdb file (it should be the same as before, but for some reason Win2k didn't want to work properly for me without this step)
  • Then start Visual XML and try publishing wizard again.

HTTP Listener in ULF

If you want to use a form on a webpage to pass information to the ULF, make sure the datafield you want to pass is named "SaDoc" (case-sensitive). If for example the data you want to pass along is in a textarea, the name of the textarea should be "SaDoc".
This detail is not mentioned in the documentation, so if the UBS complains with SaXmlApp: SaGetXmlDoc: Errors Parsing document!!, check that the formfield has got the proper name and you will save yourself from going nuts trying to find info about the problem in the documentation.

FTP Listener in ULF

The FTP-listener does not support passive ftp, make sure you have disabled passive ftp in your ftpprogram when accessing the ULF. Once again, that is not mentioned in the documentation.

Restrictions/Bugs/Problems with Bluestone

  • Total-e-Server 7.3 does not work with Windows 9x. There are some workarounds to get it to work, but they are not supported by HP.
  • The installationprogram will not work with JDK 1.4.0 beta. Symptoms: The installationprogram starts, the first screen with the increasing bar shows up normally. The second screen (promotional screen for ZeroG.com) appears and disappears as it should, but after that nothing happends. Solution: Install JDK1.3.x instead. Comment: It might have been an issue of variables that were not correctly set up when jdk1.4.0beta was installed.
  • The EJB examples GreetingDemo and JSP-EJB Loan Calculator from the TrailMap does not work, it has been tested with JDK 1.3.0/J2EE1.3 beta and JDK1.3.1/J2EE1.3beta2. These problems is fixed by installing Mp5

Error message received when running Simple Example (and purchase tutorial?) in Visual XML

 This message is received when I put up an email listener for Simple Example,
 What it means is simply that it complains that I try to insert the same entry twice in the table.
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-2"?>
 <Phone>408 496-7223</Phone>
 <Address>10932 Bigge Rd.</Address>
 <City>Menlo Park</City>
 <ZIP>94025     </ZIP>
 <error type='0' major='0' minor='0' state='0' line='0'>
 TableDriver: SQLException in PreparedStatement.executeUpdate
 while processing index '0' of '1'!!</error>
 <error type='0' major='0' minor='0' state='0' line='0'>SQLException(s) thrown!!
 Error Code:0
 SQL State :S1000
 Message   :General error

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