Fantasy in the 19th and 20th century

- Fantasy in the 19th century
- The beginning of the 20th century
- The Inklings
- CS Lewis
- JRR Tolkien
- Types of Fantasy
- Myths and Legends
- Secondary Worlds

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  • Different types of Fantasy; Adventurer, humourous and dark/horror fantasy

    Branches in fantasy, continued

    Adventurer fantasy: The struggle between good and evil isn't the important thing, it is the adventurs themselves that are interesting. Novels by Henry Rider Haggard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert Howard , Fritz Leiber, Jane Gaskell, Tanith Lee might fall into this category.

    Humourous fantasy: Can come in many different shapes, for example absurd situations or parodies. Authors that can be placed in this category are Edith Nesbit (stories for children), Thorne Smith (slapstick), L Sprague de Camp (satirc adventures), Terry Pratchett (parody), Robert Asprin, Robert Rankin, Tom Holt.
    Read more about humourous fantasy in my article about funny sf/fantasy.

    Horror/Dark Fantasy: Authors that fall in to this category are William Hope Hodgson, Mervyn Peake, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury.

    - Myths and Legends
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