Fantasy in the 19th and 20th century

- Fantasy in the 19th century
- The beginning of the 20th century
- The Inklings
- CS Lewis
- JRR Tolkien
- Types of Fantasy
- Myths and Legends
- Secondary Worlds

  • Myths and Legends

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  • Myths and Legends

    Myths and Legends

    Something that is strongly connected with fantasy are myths and legends. A myth is something you want to believe but it's not, or something you believed in but it has been shown that it isn't true.
    All cultures has their own myths, but among those that has influenced fantasy most are the myths from the Greeks, Celts, Scandinvians, Persians, Arabs, Chinese and Japanese. Among these, the Greek mythology is the most influent. Many fantasyauthors also says that myths has been their biggest source for inspiration.

    Legends are events/stories that has grown into the same proportions as myths. They are strongly associated with folklore, often by heroic nature, for example Robin Hood.

    - Secondary Worlds
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