Fantasy in the 19th and 20th century

- Fantasy in the 19th century
- The beginning of the 20th century
- The Inklings
- CS Lewis
- JRR Tolkien
- Types of Fantasy
- Myths and Legends
- Secondary Worlds

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  • Different types of Fantasy; Christian and Heroic fantasy

    Genres in fantasyn

    Fantasy can be divided into different branches, these are some of the common ones

    Christian fantasy: Many of the fantasy authors of the 19th century was part of this genre. The novels often have a message of religous character. The main character in the story is often in doubt, but will be converted. Example of authors in this genre are George MacDonald, Charles Williams, CS Lewis, Madeline L'Engle.

    Heroic fantasy: Often what most people associate with when the hear the world fantasy. The purpose in the stories isn't to find the goodness in life, it is to defeat the evil. What good and evil is, isn't described more in detail, one knows the setting from the beginning, it is the struggle with the evil and the heros adventures that are interesting. You often recognize the setting and the creatures in the world.
    Example of authors you can find in this branch are William Morris, TH White, JRR Tolkien, Lloyd Alexander, Ursula K Le Guin, Katherine Kurtz, Terry Brooks, Stephen Donaldson, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, Katharine Kerr.

    - Types of Branches, continued
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