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    The Inklings: Charles Williams

    In the beginning of the 1930s a very informal club was formed in Oxford, all the members where aspiring authors. They were united by their interest by the middle ages, the antics, fairy tales, myths and of course, literature. They called themselves The Inklings.
    They used to meet twice a week, one time for a lunch together at the "Eagle and Child", the other time at CS Lewis room at Magdalen College. At these meeting they would read scripts for each other, and review and critize each others work.
    The members of the club varied, but among those who participated was CS Lewis (without him there were no meetings, JRR Tolkien (rarely missed a meeting), Charles Williams and Warren Lewis (CS Lewis brother).
    The Inklings was most active when Charles Williams came to Oxford 1939 and to his death 1945. The meetings decreased in number and by 1949 they faded out completly.
    Among the Inklings, it was Charles Williams, CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien who wrote fantasy.
    Charles Walter Stansby Williams (1886-1945) is the least known and wrote somewhat difficult books. He wrote what he called "metaphysical thrillers", fantasy that differed from Lewis and Tolkien. His first book of fantasy was "War in Heaven", 1930 and as many of his books it is about mans struggle against demons. Williams was very religious and he has influent christian fantasy.

    - CS Lewis

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