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The meeting with Tom Holt

On the 3rd of June, 2000, various people met Tom Holt in RL. I was not there :(
(I live in Hamburg at the moment), but here is the info that I have got about what happend.
Thanks to Melody and Dragon Prince for reports of the event and Roger for photos.

To read about this and other a.b.t-h meetings, see Dragonprince webpage, where he also writes about other stuff related to the newsgroup.

the meeting
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Melody's report and Dragon-Prince report

Melody posted this summary to a.b.t-h on the 4th of June, 2000 (thanks for letting me put it up Melody!) I took the liberty of replacing Robert with Roger....an alternative solution would be to convince him to change name :)


 I think that Dragon Prince will be posting a fuller Meet report later today , but I thought that I might
 begin for him :o)
 Those in Attendance:
 Tom Holt
 Paul Bines
 Dragon Prince
 Stephen S-K
 Melody S-K
 Martin rang the meet from Holland and was therefore attending by proxy. Arwen sent an SMS
 message wishing us a good time so ditto for her :o) 
 Vicky.Mole,DP ,Stephen and myself met at my house and then went on to the pub where Roger was
 waiting.We were soon joined by Beetle and then Paul and Tom.
 A fairly lively meeting then took place with lots of question and answers sessions and us getting to
 grips with the fact that Tom Holt was akershully sitting there talking to us :o)
 At about 9pm we went into Hayes town to find a local eatery and descended , eventually, on the local
 Chinese. Loads more talk ...signings of Valhalla books [1] and photo sessions (we did actually eat as
 10/30 -ish we left the Chinese and said goodbye to Tom and Beetle , we stood talking for a while then
 4 of us back to my house for a leisurely chat about the evening.
 All in all ...we are indebted to Tom for taking the time and trouble to attend .The Meet was a riproaring
 success..a wonderful evening . It was agreed that He is a bluddy nice bloke ;o) and a follow up meet is
 definitely in the offing later in the year.
 To all those who wanted to come and couldn't ...you missed a 'special' evening. For all those who
 wanted to come and did ....WOW! it was good  
 Once again , thank you to Tom and Beetle , as well as all the attendees , it wouldnt have been the
 same without you :o)

Thanks for letting me put it up Dragon Prince!

Dragon Prince

 ok My .002 euros worth
 I know this not a verbatum report. anyone else is more than welcome to add on or post earlier :)
 Tom, .Victoria Martin, Beatle, Melody,Stephen(melody's husband), Brett, MegaMole,Paul Bines, Roger
 burton-west. Martin phoned into the meet by phone from holland,and I got an sms. Email at the meet
 from Arwen.
 I left the house at 11am. Bound for a far and distant pub the wheatshief in harliqton! For an evening of
 beer and chat with like minded people. 
 but before I left I stoped to chat with Martin Wiesse on #AFP. The postman stoped and dilivered a
 parcel that I did not expect for a few days. It contained a slim tome that Tom will thank me not for
 bringing though, I doubt I will ask for it to be signed, in fact I probably will hide it from him! ;-)
 The arival
 Eventualy found Melodys abode, drank a coffee and was introduced to the most beutiful Bengal cat
 Binky.  Vicky showed up almost 5 seconds after we wondered if she was going to show.  Mole ( who
 is a friend of Melody's and Mine, and a big fan of Toms Filks) arived shortly after.  we departed to the
 pub but I had to sort out my hotel for the night.  qot sorted out at the hotel and went onwards to the
 pub to find Roger allready there.( He having tried to phone melody and then myself  to enquire as to
 where we were whilst on the way). Steve went to collect Tom and Paul Bines from the station. They
 arived ushering in the Author himself, Beatle  apearing soon after. Drinks were bought.
 From hear talk degenerated into discussions about *in jokes*,*book deconstruction*,spotting
 annotations in the harry potter books. Mole was going on about "bugs bunny" singing 'kill the rabbit' to
 ride of the valkiries when some one mentioned Wagner! other thing also were talked about including
 Toms spot of editor wrestling from prior to the meet. I cant remember the score but  I think he one by
 to Pin falls.
 a filk who I cant attribute the author but I'll include below was passed round on my Palm IIIe
 Dough...the stuff that buys me beer,
 Ray....the guy that sells me beer,
 Me...the guy that drinks the beer,
 Far...the distance to my beer,
 So... I think I'll have beer,
 La.... la la la la la beer,
 Tea.... no thanks I'm drinking beer,
 Which brigs us back to............
 (repeat from the top)
 Eventualy thougts turned to food. The pubs kitchen had closed so the meet headed of to get an Indian.
 Only to discover that the first we tried didn't have a free table for 9. The second was fully booked. So
 around the corner we nipped for a chinesse instead. Food was ordered and books signed for those
 wishing as were a few photos taken. talk and chat continued as normal well as normal as these things
 tend to get> I hope Beatle does get round to doing as promiced/suggested and produces the inaugural
 meet t-shirts.The meet broke up around 11ish after giving and recieveing hugs. people departed to
 various parts of the uk
 On a personal note. The meet for YHN was thoroughly enjoyable. Some thing I'd hope we can repeat.
 The effort both myself and Melody had put in before hand were well rewarded by the lybood good time
 that was had.  And I must thank Tom publicaly for taking the time and effort he did to come.and also
 Beatle for taking Tom home after it was a pleasure.and al
 I here declare the meet report well and truely closed.

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