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My Hero by

Book Cover - Tom Holt: My Hero

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Cover by
Steve Lee

Book Cover - Tom Holt: My Hero

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Cover by
Steve Lee, the backside

Book Cover - Tom Holt: My Hero

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Amazon USA (Kindle edition) My Hero
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See below for information about the German translation
Category: humourous fantasy
First published: 2 May 1996
Publisher: Orbit, published
ISBN: 1857233654, Hardcover, 314 pages
Size: 21.8 x 14.5 x 2.8 cm
Publisher: Orbit, published 5 Dec 1996
ISBN: 1857233875, , 320 pages
Size: 17.6 x 10.2 x 2.2 cm
Publisher: Hachette Digital, published 1 Oct 2009
ISBN: B002TXZROU, Kindle edition, 320 pages

This novel is included in the omnibus Mightier Than the Sword: Omnibus 2.

"My Hero - Sharp, sparkling and seriously funny"

Book synopsis (The back of the book says)

Writing novels? Piece of cake, surely ... or so Jane thinks.
Until hers start writing back.
At which point, she really should stop. Better still, change her name and flee the country.
The one thing she should not do is go into the book herself
After all, that's what heroes are for. Unfortunatly, the world of fiction is a far more complicated place than she ever imagined. And she's about to land her hero right in it.
Sneak preview: King Lear extract from the book.

My review of this book

After reading this book I scribbled down this on the 12th of April 1997
Jane, the famous fantasy-writer, starts to get funny dreams; an author appears in her dreams and tells her that he has been trapped inside his own books for 36 years and need help to get out of there. Well, of course she feel the urge to help out a fellow author...
And then it all starts, an amazing hunt through all kinds of famous books, and it's bound to be many complications; Piglet getting taken as hostage, Dracula finds himself being taken to hospital to get bloodinjections, Hamlet trying to get out of character and find another role, and other hilarious incidents.
The tempo is very hectic and I had a hard time trying to put the book away, and it occured to me that it was certainly a bad move to start to read this book the week before an exam, well, the only thing to do was to finish the book before the exam as well. Four and a half piglets out of five for this great novel.

Other people's reviews of this book

Rambles review

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What critics have said

`My Hero is funny ... deep down, it's smart'

`Wildly imaginative'

Quotes from My Hero

Luck, like a Russian car, generally only works if you push it.
'I think,' he said slowly, 'that the only reason people think you can't kill a vampire by shoving its head up its own arse is because nobody's ever actually tried it. What do you think, guys?'
There was something - difficult to describe, when you've only got shoddy, post-modernist adjectives to work with - cheerfully revential in his manner, as if he had just seen the Messiah and remembered that the Messiah owed him twenty quid.
Tact comes as naturally to full-bore handguns as, say, ice-skating to African elephants, but there comes a time when an exceptional individual is prepared to stand up and break the mould.
'Listen,' Regalian said, 'I'm holding my watch close to the phone so you can hear the ticking. Fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine - there, another gullible idiot's just been born, you have company.'
'Ah. That might be a problem. You see, I havn't actually got any money over here. Not as such.'
'I see.' Mr. Shark leaned back in his chair and scowled at the ceiling.
'You know, you're putting me in a very difficult position here.'
'Really? Your toes have just fallen off too, have they?'
Rossfleisch explained (at least, presumably it was his idea of an explanation, just as the grey fluid you get in styrofoam cups at raliroad stations is somebody's idea of tea.)
He raised his hand, pointed the Colt and fired.
 It would be an exaggeration to say that the whole of Skinner's life flashed before his eyes, because he'd had a long and interesting life and there simply wasn't time. He'd got as far as his sixth birthday party, when Jenny Mason ate too much jelly roll and was sick on Mom's new carpet, when he realised he was still alive.
'That maniac's just shot Eeyore!'
Before he could reply, Skinner caught the Piglet's bewildered, terrified stare and his heart sank. 'For the last time,' he said, 'we are not going to kill the pig. Over my dead body.'
Who the devil want to build a ventilation shaft slap bang in the middle of Sherlock Holmes' living room floor?
He didn't smile - he was from Yorkshire, after all - but in some inner chamber of his heart he was satisfied.
'You're a hero. Heroes are supposed to know these things.'
'Get stuffed,' replied the hero.
'You're formulating a plan of campaign, aren't you?'
'Get real. I'm trying to get this pxy chunk of gravel out of my - ah, that's got it. Right, where were we?'
Mr Hamlet?
  'Yeah. Whoosat? Look, have you got any idea what time it--?'
  This is Central Casting. We've got a job for you, if you'd be interested.
  'Be with you in a jiffy.'

In German

This novel has been translated into German and is called:

"Mein Held"

Amazon Deutschland (Paperback) Mein Held
ISBN: 3453149335
382 pages, Size: 18,2 x 11,6 x 3,6 cm

See translated books for other novels translated into German

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Book Cover of Ye Gods!

Quote from Ye Gods!

Jason, meanwhile, was getting nicely into his rhytm. He had split the Helmet of Authority, sliced the thunderbolts into mortadella, shattered the Breastplate of Power and was just about to make an end of it when...
  `Jason!' said a voice behind him. `You stop that immediately, you hear me?'
  Jason sighed very, very deeply and lowered his sword.
  `Yes, mum,' he said.
(Tom Holt, "Ye Gods!")
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