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Authors similar to the funny fantasy author Tom Holt

What to do when you have read all Tom Holt's novels? Well, you can't just hanging around waiting for the next novel to be published, so this is a page with authors that you might like if you like Tom Holt. And it works the other way around; if you enjoy any of the authors here, you might enjoy Tom Holts novels :)
The authors are listed in the order I like them best within each category.
You should also read about various authors I've written about in my pages about humourous sf/fantasy.

Humorous fiction

P.G. Wodehouse English author that wrote about incidents in England in the '30-'40's, his most known characters are Jeeves & Wooster.
Damon Runyon Wrote about US during the '30-'40's, similar to P.G Wodehouse, but the setting is in US, and often involves criminal elements. I've written a review of one of his books.
Runyon was a newspaper man, and all of the people in his stories are based on real people he knew. All of the stories has been date before 1950 (most are from the 20s and 30s)
Ernest Bramah Wrote stories about a chinese storyteller named Kai Lung. The english is a bit to advanced for me, give it a try and see if you like it.
Barry Hughart's Chinese Stories shall also be of interest if you enjoyed Ernest Bramah, havn't read anything by him, though.

Humorous fantasy

Terry Pratchett He is known for his Discworld-novels, humourous fantasy.
My review of Wyrd Sisters.
Robert AsprinHumourous Fantasy, similar to Pratchett.
I've written reviews of his first two novels.
James BibbyAmerican. I've scribbled down some comments on his novel Ronan the Barbarian.
John BrosnanAustralian, though he now lives in the UK. I've scribbled down some comments on his novel Damned & Fancy.

Humorous science fiction

Douglas Adams Known for his 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy', if you havn't read anything by him, you have several hours of fun before you, get started right now!
Rob Grant & Doug NaylorBritish authors. Humorous science fiction.
Did the novelisation of their own tv-series Red Dwarf. They have written books together as Grant Naylor. I've scribbled down some comments on their novel Red Dwarf
Phil JanesHumorous science fiction.
I've scribbled down my thoughts on his book The Galaxy Game
Robert Rankin More science fiction than fantasy, humorous as well.

Other authors that might be interesting if you like Tom Holt

Other authors that you might like, no guarantees
(They are in no particular order, sort of almost alphabetical, but not quite)
Piers AnthonyFrom US
Dave Barry
Iain Banks
Fredric BrownMartians Go Home
L. Sprague de CampThe complete enchanter
Neil Gaimanknown for Sandman, has also written Good Omens together with Terry Pratchett which is the only book by Gaiman I've read, but it was relly good.
Craig Shaw GardnerUS
Andrew Harman United Kingdom
Harry HarrisonAmerican, living on Ireland
Dan McGirtUS
P J O'Rourke
Roger Zelazny & Robert Sheckley(both US) who wrote three comic fantasy together: "Bring me the Head of Prince Charming" (1991) "If at Faust You Don't Succeed" (1993) "A Farce to be Reckoned With" (1995)
Robert Sheckley also wrote many short stories that appeared in collections as Citizen in Space, Untouched by Human Hands, The Status Civilization, and Notions:Unlimited.
VonnegutThe Sirens of Titan
R.A. Lafferty
John Brunner"Traveller in Black"
Thorne Smith "Rain in the Doorway" and "The Bishops jaegers"
Tom SharpeKnown for his stories about Wilt.

Ring Lardner, and James Thurber were two american short story writers. Their stories takes place in the 1920s-1940s. Thurber's most famous story, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" was made into a movie with Danny Kaye in the late 40s, early 50s.
They are both supposed to write in similar style to Damon Runyon and P.G. Wodehouse

Eli Salmon has contributed with much stuff to this page, and also wrote this to me about some other authors:

Norman Spinrad also wrote some very funny crazy short stories a long time ago about cavemen inventing interior decoration and the government inventing hallucinogenic drugs with odd side effects that spacemen can use so they won't go crazy during very long interstellar flights. I think they appeared in collections with other authors and I find his other work much less funny. Somehow (perhaps intentionally) you managed to leave out Fritz Lieber and his Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories (e.g. Ill Met in Lahkmar) among other stories, Keith Laumer and his Retief stories (for example Retief and the Pangalactic Pageant of Pulchritude,) and Stanislaw Lem and his pilots and constructors (for example The Cyberiad.)

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Book Cover of You Don't Have To Be Evil To Work Here, But It Helps

Quote from You Don't Have To Be Evil To Work Here, But It Helps

 I didn't find out she was actually the Queen of the Fey until some time later.
 Bit of a shock, but I think we could've made a go of it, if she hadn't been so dead set on wiping out the human race.
(Tom Holt, "You Don't Have To Be Evil To Work Here, But It Helps")
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