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Lucia In Wartime by

Book Cover - Tom Holt: Lucia In Wartime

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Book Cover - Tom Holt: Lucia In Wartime

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Cover by
Sabrina Sun
Illustration by
Marie Michal

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Category: funny fiction
Publisher: Coffeetown Press, published
ISBN: 160381129X, Paperback, 216 pages
Publisher: ?, published 1985
ISBN: 0-06055-003-1, ?, 192 pages
ISBN: 0-33340-247-2, ?

Book synopsis (The back of the book says)

Across the Channel, the battle rages ... On the Tilling front, another battle is being fought-the constant war of wits and social ascendancy between Lucia Pillson and Elizabeth Mapp-Flint. Lucia, with her superior style, timeless elegance, occasional low cunning and husband Georgie-whose talent for transforming powdered eggs and canned meat into gourmet fare has turned him into a minor celebrity-invariably wins the day. Although Elizabeth may have lost a battle or two, she definitely hasn't lost the war-until she carelessly gives Lucia the ultimate weapon against her, upsetting the balance of power in Lucia's favor. But how long will Lucia be able to retain the admiration of all Tilling if her power remains unchecked? After all, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Originally published in 1985, Lucia in Wartime is the first of Tom Holt's officially sanctioned sequels to the hilarious "Lucia" novels of E.F. Benson.
Lucia and Me: A Conversation with Tom Holt, from November 2012 about the E.F. Bensons sequels.

Reviews of this book

After reading this book wrote this on the 14th February 2003
I HAVE read Lucia in Wartime. Holt really captures Benson's delightful prose. Georgie, however, succeeds in getting out from under Lucia's thumb as never before.

Because of the war, the Mallards domestic staff has been redeployed to munitions work. After a few episodes of slate-like toast and other unsatisfactory viands, Georgie descends to the kitchen to take matters in hand, armed with a slim volume entitled "Cooking for Gentlefolk." Georgie, whose artistic leanings hitherto were more along the lines of washy sketches and colorful woolwork, finds a hidden talent; he is a genius in the kitchen. Not only a genius, but one who is able to conjure up sorbets, Lobster a al Riseholm and other treats despite the severity of rationing. In fact he is so clever, he gets his own radio show in London to share his recipes for Cornbeef a la Riseholm and Parsnip and Potato Pie.

Meanwhile, Lucia schemes for social prominence amongst the officers and gentlemen.

A real delight, with a charming ending.


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What critics have said

`A delightful pastiche, cunning in execution and pitch-perfect in waspish village gossip.'

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Book Cover of Nothing But Blue Skies

Quote from Nothing But Blue Skies

There are very many reasons why British summers are either non-existent or, alternatively, held on a Thursday.
(Tom Holt, "Nothing But Blue Skies")
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