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Lucia Triumphant by

Book Cover - Tom Holt: Lucia Triumphant

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Book Cover - Tom Holt: Lucia Triumphant

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Book Cover - Tom Holt: Lucia Triumphant

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Book Cover - Tom Holt: Lucia Triumphant

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Cover by
Sabrina Sun
Illustration by
Marie Michal

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Category: funny fiction
Publisher: Coffeetown Press, published
ISBN: 1603811265, Paperback, 262 pages
Publisher: Moyer Bell Ltd ,U.S, published 1 Dec 2003
ISBN: 1559213108, Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: Harpercollins, published February 1988
ISBN: 0060961961, Paperback, 224 pages

Book synopsis (The back of the book says)

In postwar Britain, the quaint town of Tilling is feeling the pull of both the modern world and its Norman past. Elizabeth Mapp-Flint, in yet another bid to wrest power back from her social rival Lucia Pillson-now the town's mayor-purchases a motor-car. Hoping to improve her shaky motoring skills in private, she makes a significant tactical error by leaving town. Lucia profits from Elizabeth's absence by putting one of her "ideas" into action: the embroidery of a tapestry depicting the history of Tilling, one that will surely surpass Bayeux's. All Lucia's subjects are called upon to labour long and hard in its execution. Meanwhile Elizabeth, stranded in Southampton, happens upon a game of Monopoly in her hotel room, and-minus her broken-winged chariot-hurries home to rescue her fellow Tillingites from the tedium of Lucia's latest worthy endeavor. Who will prove the greater master of Monopoly? What will become of the abandoned tapestry? Is Elizabeth really descended from Norman nobility? Is Mallards haunted, and if so, who saw the ghost first-Lucia, its current resident, or Elizabeth, its former owner? It is not in the best interests of the Tillingites to allow either woman to prevail for long. For in the end, Lucia and Elizabeth's tactical maneuvering and petty victories and defeats offer the best entertainment in town.
Originally published in 1986, Lucia Triumphant is the second of Tom Holt's officially sanctioned sequels to the hilarious "Lucia" novels of E.F. Benson.
Lucia and Me: A Conversation with Tom Holt, from November 2012 about the E.F. Bensons sequels.

Reviews of this book

After reading this book wrote this
In Tom Holt's second continuation of E. F. Benson's classic Mapp and Lucia novels, Tilling is hurled into fierce social warfare as Lucia contends with Elizabeth's latest ruse, a game of Monopoly, to win over the hearts and minds of the town's populace. Is Lucia haunted by ghosts? Will she triumph in the face of a royal visit? Is Mapp of noble blood, or of criminal heritage? The period is caught with remarkable skill. Equally well captured is the spirit of Benson's six Lucia novels.

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What critics have said

`Might have been dreamt up by Benson. Tom Holt has provided manna.'

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Quote from My Hero

'You're a hero. Heroes are supposed to know these things.'
'Get stuffed,' replied the hero.
'You're formulating a plan of campaign, aren't you?'
'Get real. I'm trying to get this pxy chunk of gravel out of my - ah, that's got it. Right, where were we?'
(Tom Holt, "My Hero")
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