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Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy

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Published 26th of August 1999 (UK) and December 1999 (US)
Publisher: Carroll & Graf (US) and Constable Robinson (UK)
ISBN, paperback: 0-78670-694-5 (US) and : 1841190896 (UK)
544 pages (US) and 512 pages (UK)

Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy
Edited by Mike Ashley. More comic fantasy short stories. Also known as The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy II.
Brand-new stories and comic classics fill the 500-plus pages of the sequel to the popular Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy.
Bungee-jumping demons, mad Magi, seafaring aliens, and a tricky wizard who leaks to the press populate this new collection of magic and mayhem from fantasy's funniest, wackiest writers, among them Harlan Ellison, Ambrose Bierce, Neil Gaiman, Craig Shaw Gardner, Harry Harrison, Tom Holt, Terry Jonesm, and many more. Here are the madcap fantasies of "The Case of the Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds," "A Slow Day in Hell," "The Case of Jack the Clipper," "The Shoemaker and the Elvis," and other tales to delight, amuse, and, confuse fantasy fans.
David Langford will appear with "The Case of Jack the Clipper"

Tom Holt appear with the story "Escape From The Planet Of The Bears".

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Book Cover of Ye Gods!

Quote from Ye Gods!

The plain truth of the matter is that if you put more than two or three atoms together in a confined space for any length of time, sooner or later they're going to get on each other's wick, and then they start hurling themselves about and colliding with each other. They also shout a lot, but since the science of physics is in its infancy, nobody has yet constructed an instrument sensitive enough to monitor the voices of millions of tiny atoms debating with each other whose turn it is to do the washing up. Probably just as well, if you ask me.
(Tom Holt, "Ye Gods!")
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