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Miscellaneous info related to the author Tom Holt

Tom Holt's books are published by Orbit/Little, Brown Ltd.

Where can I buy books by Tom Holt?

There are several stores online, for each page about the books in the bibliography, I've linked to online bookshops that sell that book.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with ordering books on the internet, call up your local bookstore, often they can get the books for you on special order.

My library does not have any books about Tom Holt, what can I do?

Simply ask them if they can order Tom Holts books, they will probably be happy to hear about authors they do not have but their customers wants to read.

How many copies of Tom Holt's books gets sold?

These numbers are from 1997, and have probably changed since then.
On an average a book sell about 2,500 hardbacks and 20,000 paperbacks when it first gets published, and then between 1,000-2,000 copies the year after.
The year 1996 Tom Holt's books was borrowed about 250,000 times from the public libraries in UK.

Why are so many characters called Jane?

Tom Holt "Ah, Jane... My wife's oldest friend (they've known each other since school) is called Jane and she's an accountant, so when I was looking for a name for the accountant in Flying Dutch, I called her Jane; and I guess I just liked the name, because I've been using it ever since, like a kind of default setting. In Wish You Were Here, though, I've changed all that and struck out into entirely new and unexplored territory by calling her Janice..."


What critics said in general (to see what they think of a specific book; check the corresponding page)

`Tom Holt stands out on his own ...
If you havn't read any Tom Holt,
go out and buy one now. At least one.
But don't blame me for any laughter-induced injuries

`Mr Holt's books have not been so much released as escaped...'
Dreamberry Wine

`Literate, light fiction, an under-appreciated genre of which
Tom Holt has made himself a modern master.
Washington Post

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Book Cover of Nothing But Blue Skies

Quote from Nothing But Blue Skies

There are very many reasons why British summers are either non-existent or, alternatively, held on a Thursday.
(Tom Holt, "Nothing But Blue Skies")
You can read more about and order this book online from Amazon: UK - USA - Canada - Deutschland

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