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Blonde Bombshell by

Book Cover - Tom Holt: Blonde Bombshell

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Amazon UK (Kindle edition) Blonde Bombshell
Amazon USA (Kindle edition) Blonde Bombshell
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Category: humourous
Publisher: Orbit, published
ISBN: 1841497770, Paperback, 400 pages
Size: 12.6 x 3 x 19.7 cm
Publisher: Hachette Digital, published 6 May 2010
ISBN: B003HV0TS2, Kindle edition, 369 pages

"A comedy of intergalactic proportions"

Book synopsis (The back of the book says)

A heart-warming tale of Armageddon from one of the funniest, most original voices in comic fiction today ...The third planet out from the star was blue, with green splodges. Dirt. Oh, the bomb thought. And then its courage, determination and nobility-of-spirit subroutines cut in, overriding everything else, adrenalizing its command functions and bypassing its cyberphrenetic nodes. Here goes, said the bomb to itself. Calibrate navigational pod. Engage primary thrusters. Ready auxiliary drive. It knew, in that moment, that its own doom was near; because it was giving itself orders, and it wasn't putting in any 'the's. That was what you did, apparently, when the moment came. You could also turn on a flashing red beacon and a siren, but mercifully these were optional. Oh #/$+! thought the bomb, and surged on towards Dirt like an avenging angel.
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Guardian review 5th of February 2011

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What critics have said

`BLONDE BOMBSHELL is a clever, funny, tirelessly inventive, apocalyptic leg-hump of a book. Tom Holt may be the most imaginative satirist to land on our shores since Douglas Adams'

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Book Cover of Expecting Someone Taller

Quote from Expecting Someone Taller

'Get lost,' said Memory, and the bat did its best to obey.
 Being gifted with natural radar, however, it didn't find it easy.
(Tom Holt, "Expecting Someone Taller")
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