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Quotations from the novels of Tom Holt

What is this?
Simply my collection of quotes (or is it quotations?) from books by Tom Holt, orginally all typed in by myself (too much spare time?), but nowadays other people have contributed.

I have re-arranged the quotes and put them on the individual book pages, these pages contain quotes so far:
Odds and Gods, My Hero, Who's Afraid of Beowulf?, Expecting Someone Taller, Flying Dutch, Little People, Ye Gods!, Nothing But Blue Skies, Grailblazers, Falling Sideways, Here Comes the Sun, The Better Mousetrap, Djinn Rummy, Faust Among Equals, Only Human and Open Sesame

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Enjoy the quotes, but please give me credit if you're putting them up somewhere and don't forget to drop by to The Tom Holt Webpage once in a while to find new quotes (they're updated regularly.)

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Book Cover of Djinn Rummy

Quote from Djinn Rummy

'That's all right, then.' The Chief Druid glanced round.
 His flock were waiting, with all the silent embarrassment of grown men asked to hold hands with other grown men who they'd probably see again the next day, but wearing suits and ties rather than long grey wollen gowns.
(Tom Holt, "Djinn Rummy")
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