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Shakespearean Detectives

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UK Edition:
Published: 1998
Publisher: Robinson Publishing
ISBN, paperback: 1-85487-559-0
446 pages.

US Edition:
Published: 1998
Publisher: Carroll & Graf
ISBN, paperback: 0-78670-596-5
416 pages.
Size (in inches): 1.17 x 7.73 x 5.10

Shakespearean Detectives
Edited by Michael (Mike) Ashley.
In their ingenious tales, the likes of Falstaff and Hamlet, as well as the Bard himself, are set in hot pursuit of fresh clues and new solutions to some of the bloodiest plots and nastiest deeds hidden in Shakepeare's plays. A collection of stories of murder and mysteries based on Shakespeares life and plays.

Tom Holt appears with a story "Anthony & Cleopatra" in which the murder of Enobardus is revealed. Read more about the plot here.

Other authors in this collection: Stephen Baxter writes about a plot against Henry VIII, Stan Nicholls looks at the darker sides of Shakespeare's childhoo.d Peter Garrett, Edward Hoch, Peter Timlett, Darrell Schweitzer, Peter Tremayne and others.

If you have read this book and have written down your thoughts, please mail me the location of your review and I will link it from here.

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Wherever you go, he remembered his brothers telling him, whichever inhospitable corner of the globe you wind up in, you can always be sure of finding three tall, bronzed Aussies in beach clothes and beat-up old camper.
 And you can bet your life that when the chips are down, they're not the ones whose fan-belts breaks three hundred miles from the nearest garage.
(Tom Holt, "Djinn Rummy")
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